Friday, July 25, 2008

librarian = l33t

For months, whenever someone has asked me what Second Life is, I've replied, "It's like World of Warcraft, only you don't get to kill people."

But now, librarians can join an immersive world worthy of the name. Catalog that, n00bs!

In all seriousness, I genuinely don't understand the appeal of Second Life, and Google's new Lively looks even worse. Without some kind of narrative or shared understanding of the virtual world, as WoW has, it just seems mundane, and therefore pointless. San Jose State, for example, has an SL campus, but I don't see what advantage that has over class videoconferencing in something like OPAL or Elluminate. Why would I use a fanciful avatar to communicate professionally? If I'm indulging in fantasy, I want high fantasy. Props to Libraryman for bringing it.

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