Thursday, February 5, 2009

Highs and Lows... the reference desk this evening.

The low: The Interlibrary Loan request for a book cited (accurately) as "in press." Does this guy really not know what that means? Or does she think we have magical genie powers, or some kind of in with the publisher?

The high: A young doctor phoned to ask how to phone a list of articles that cited the out-of-date article in front of him. I walked her through Web of Science, and she hung up, pleased. But ten minutes later, he turned up at the desk in person, puzzled - he couldn't find any citations. I couldn't either, but I did find an authoritative statement that no articles in WoS cited her article. So I showed the good doctor Google Scholar - another new tool for him. There we found only 1 book citing the article - which our library had both electronically and available in print.

An exhaustive search with a clear answer and learning along the way. I do like being thorough.


mellen22 said...

Is the doctor a him or a her? I was confused.

Laura Wimberley said...

You were supposed to be! :)

Sorry, I may have gone overboard here. I was just trying to be zealous about protecting our patrons' confidentiality. I work in a very small library, so especially if I'm going to vent about patrons (I alternated pronouns in the first paragraph, too), I wanted to be as anonymous as possible.

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